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Organizational Conditions Affect Students’ Learning & Development

A school’s organizational conditions lay the foundation for student learning and development. For example, schools improve student outcomes when school staff experience a sense of ownership for their students’ learning and for their own growth, and when they trust leaders and colleagues to prioritize students’ needs. Learn more about organizational conditions.

What is Catalyze?

Catalyze is a data-driven tool for education leaders (individuals who have formal or informal leadership roles in schools, districts, departments, or other teams). Catalyze helps leaders take stock of existing conditions and take steps towards learning-oriented organizational conditions—conditions in which stakeholders take ownership for student learning, for equitable outcomes, and for their own growth. Catalyze is being developed by the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network.

How does it work?

Education leaders use Catalyze to systematically understand and improve the organizational conditions in their department, school, district, or other teams. Over multiple cycles of inquiry and action, leaders collect and act on stakeholder’s feedback to make progress towards learning-oriented organizational conditions that support equitable student success.

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1. Survey Stakeholders

A 5-10 minute survey sheds light on the way stakeholders experience key organizational conditions.

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2. Review Feedback

A confidential report reveals opportunities to improve organizational conditions.

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3. Catalyze Change

A pratice guide provides strategies and activities to improve organizational conditions.

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4. Make Improvements

Repeat Steps 1-3 to track the impact of new practices and keep improving.

Key Details

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Catalyze is open to educational leaders who have formal or informal leadership roles in schools, districts, departments, or other teams.

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It takes less than 15 minutes from registration to get through your personalized setup and start surveying. Your confidential survey results are available a few days later—allowing you to act quickly.

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Our Partners & Funders

Catalyze was developed through a partnership between PERTS, the University of Chicago Consortium, the National Equity Project, and CASEL as part of the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network.


The Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) is a nonprofit research and development institute that translates insights from psychological science into cutting-edge tools, measures, and recommendations that educators anywhere can use to foster healthy and equitable academic engagement and success.

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