What is Elevate?

Students are more engaged and successful when they experience learning in specific ways—when they experience psychological safety, caring relationships, meaningful content, and personal agency. Elevate is a data-driven professional learning program that elevates student voice to help educators create engaging, equitable experiences that support academic and social-emotional learning. Read the research.

We’re finally getting data that is helping us improve our instruction, along with helping the kids understand that we truly do care about them. It's been a great journey.

— Jennifer Maichin, learning specialist and educator in Long Island, NY.

How does it work?

When educators use Elevate, they get ongoing, formative feedback from their students. They also learn best practices for using students’ feedback to improve student experience and engagement. By working in partnership with their students, educators learn how to create engaging and equitable experiences that support academic and social-emotional learning for every student.

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1. Elevate Student Voice

A 5-10 minute, customizable survey sheds light on the way students are experiencing each class.

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2. Review Feedback

A confidential report shows how students’ experiences are promoting or hindering equitable learning.

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3. Learn & Apply New Practices

A practice guide provides teacher-tested strategies and activities that can be applied right away.

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4. Make Improvements

Repeat the survey to see how students experience new practices. Repeat steps 1-3 to keep improving.

Our Partners Say…

I think [my teacher] cares what I think because she is asking us to take this survey about her teaching. If she didn’t care what I had to say, she wouldn't be asking us to do this survey.

— Student Participant

It’s a great tool. The survey is really asking the right questions and putting data in front of teachers that can be helpful.

— Josh Maisel, district administrator in California

Read our case studies.

Key Features

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Designed for grades 6-12. Relevant to all subjects.

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Works on any Internet-connected device.

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Free to U.S. teachers because of our funders.


Grounded in research.
Led by top researchers.

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Adaptive, because no two classrooms are the same.

I wanted to get authentic feedback from my students to help better my craft, and to better help them in the learning process.

— Staci Durnin, 6th grade math and science teacher in New York, NY

Read our case studies.

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Our Partners & Funders

Elevate was developed through a partnership between PERTS, the University of Chicago Consortium, the National Equity Project, and CASEL as part of the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network. It’s free to teachers because of generous support from the Raikes Foundation, Overdeck Family Foundation, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


The Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) is a nonprofit research and development institute that translates insights from psychological science into cutting-edge tools, measures, and recommendations that educators anywhere can use to foster healthy and equitable academic engagement and success.

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