PERTS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Index

PERTS hosts multiple websites and provides a variety of services to schools, colleges, and other visitors and users. Use this page to figure out which terms of use and privacy policy apply to the website or service you are using.

PERTS Programs

The PERTS default terms of use (at and privacy policy at ( apply to the use of the following PERTS services:

  • Copilot-Elevate
  • The Engagement Project
  • Classroom Connections
  • Growth Mindset for 9th Graders
  • Growth Mindset for College Students
  • Social Belonging for College Students
  • College Student Experience Tracker (C-SET)

Unless superseded by a written agreement between PERTS and an educational organization using PERTS services, those policies ( and apply to the programs listed above and to all user interactions between users and the services offered through and

Visits to

Access to the public PERTS website at does not require an account or any kind of sign in. When a person is visiting the PERTS public website at, the Stanford University terms of use and Stanford University privacy policy apply.