What is Copilot-Elevate?

Copilot-Elevate is a free tool that helps educators understand the student experience so they can create an equitable and excellent learning environment—an environment that supports all students to meaningfully engage in their own learning and growth. Copilot-Elevate helps teachers get rapid feedback from their students about how they are experiencing key classroom learning conditions, and it couples that feedback with adaptive strategies for improving those conditions.

Flowchart of the Copilot-Elevate process

Student Experience Drives Excellence & Equity

Research is clear: if we want students to develop into self-directed, effective learners, it’s important to establish supportive and equitable learning conditions that help students experience:

  • Teacher Caring: Students need to feel valued and respected in the learning environment.
  • Meaningful Work: Students need to understand how schoolwork is relevant to their own lives and goals.
  • Feedback for Growth: Students need supportive feedback that helps them recognize their own potential to grow.
  • Student Voice: Students take ownership of their learning through sharing their knowledge and perspectives in the classroom.
  • Classroom Belonging: Students need to feel a sense of community, mutual support among peers, and affirmation to feel safe and connected.

In a recent study, students who experienced these positive conditions were 30% more likely to earn an A or a B in a particular class, and that effect was even bigger for students of color. For example, Black boys were almost 2x more likely to earn an A or a B in a class if they experienced positive learning conditions in that class. Learn more at perts.net/creating-learning-conditions.

Graph: Likelihood of earning an A or B

Because of structural inequities and implicit and explicit biases, students of color and low income students are less likely than their white and affluent peers to be afforded these powerful learning experiences. Often, this disparity holds true even within the same classroom. For example, students of color are more likely than white students to get suspended for the exact same behaviors—taking them out of class and eroding trust in teachers and school. This student experience gap is an important component of the broader opportunity gap.

How does Copilot-Elevate enhance opportunity and equity?

Copilot-Elevate provides educators with the tools they need to understand and improve their students’ learning experiences. When educators use Copilot-Elevate, they use a brief, research-based survey to understand multiple important dimensions of their students’ learning experiences. Once educators can recognize the experience gap in their own school or classroom, they can consult a library of adaptive strategies that can help them improve those experiences. They repeat the process through multiple cycles of inquiry and action in order to create a better learning environment for all of their students—starting with those positioned furthest from opportunity. In pilots, over 80% of teachers who engaged in this process improved the learning conditions in their classrooms. Learn more at perts.net/creating-learning-conditions.

Who can use Copilot-Elevate?

Copilot-Elevate is designed for teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders. It can be used by an individual educator or by a team of educators across a school, district or network. If you need support making implementation decisions, reach out to the PERTS team at copilot@perts.net.

Eligible Grade Levels

Grades 6-12. Students younger than that struggle to understand the survey questions.


Copilot-Elevate is free thanks to support from the Raikes Foundation, Overdeck Foundation, and Gates Foundation.


It only takes 15-30 minutes from registration (sending yourself a link below) to get through your personalized setup and start surveying students. You’ll get a report (see sample) the weekend after your students complete a survey.

More Questions?

See the frequently asked questions at perts.net/copilot/faq or visit perts.net/officehours to set up a (free) consultation with our team. We’d love to help you figure out how to leverage Copilot-Elevate to create a more equitable and empowering classroom environment that enables all students to learn and perform at their best.

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About Copilot-Elevate

Copilot-Elevate was developed through a partnership between PERTS, the National Equity Project, Shift Results, and the University of Chicago Consortium as part of the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) initiative.


Copilot was developed by the Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) in partnership with leading researchers and educational advocacy organizations. PERTS in a non-profit research and development institute that translates insights from psychological science into cutting-edge tools, measures, and recommendations that educators anywhere can use to foster student success effectively and equitably.

Key Partners & Advisors

Susan Colby, Founder & CEO, Imagine Worldwide

The College Transition Collaborative

Carol Dweck, Professor, Stanford University

Camille Farrington, Managing Director, UChicago Consortium for School Research

Becky Margiotta, Principal, Billions Institute

The National Equity Project

Jason Okonofua, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

Shift Results

University of Chicago Consortium for School Research

Greg Walton, Associate Professor, Stanford University

Key Funders

The Raikes Foundation

The Overdeck Family Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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