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Evidence-based solutions for learner motivation, persistence, and success.

Accelerate Learning

Improve Learner Experience, 


more likely to earn As & Bs in math with optimal learning conditions.


of educators improve learning conditions when they partner with students.


schools & colleges use PERTS’ evidence-based programs.

Learning Conditions Are an Actionable, Early Indicator of Math Learning

Students were 2x more likely to earn As and Bs in math with optimal learning conditions.

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for Grades 6-12

for Higher Education

Featured Programs

Translate Research

into practical programs that can be adopted widely and effectively by organizations that serve historically underserved students.

Enable Improvement

through real-time data and actionable insights for better engagement and more equitable learning outcomes.

Drive Adoption

through partnerships with educators and organizations who share our commitment to engagement, equity, and evidence.

PERTS is a nonprofit that’s working to create learning environments that are engaging, equitable, and evidence-based.

Learn about our mission and team.

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Improve Student Experience, 

Accelerate Learning

Evidence-based solutions for student motivation, persistence, and success.

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