Growth Mindset for College Students

A free, evidence-based program designed to increase students' engagement, motivation, and ultimately success by laying the foundation for a growth mindset

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Many students worry that they lack the ability to master college- level coursework, no matter what they do. Some fear, “I’m just not a math person.” Left unaddressed, such fears can become self-fulfilling prophecies that feed a destructive cycle of reduced motivation and performance that ends in dropping out.

However, research shows that colleges can boost retention—particularly for students from historically underrepresented groups—by helping students develop a growth mindset: the belief that they can improve their academic abilities through effective study strategies.

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Students complete a 30-min web module during new student orientation or a first year experience class.

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See how many students completed the program, and receive a report about the program's impact at your school.

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Download the Program Information Packet to learn more about the research and how to run Growth Mindset for College Students at your college.

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PERTS is an applied research center based out of Stanford University. We believe that evidence-based strategies should benefit all students, not just the privileged few. To make research accessible to all, we empower educators everywhere to implement evidence-based strategies cost-effectively. We are so excited to bring you Growth Mindset for College Students and to make the latest research on growth mindset strategies actionable to every college in the United States.

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