Why the merge?

PERTS built both the Engagement Project and Elevate to help educators create more engaging and equitable learning experiences for their students, but the two programs were a little different:

  • The Engagement Project required educators to work on teams that meet regularly and to commit to at least three cycles of inquiry and action.
  • Elevate was designed to be more flexible so that a single teacher or administrator could sign up and survey their students in minutes without having to coordinate meetings or plan out months’ worth of meetings. In partnership with National Equity Project and the UChicago Consortium for School Research, PERTS also added a larger array of student experience questions. Unlike the Engagement Project, Elevate didn’t provide much support to help educators work collaboratively.

When we sat down in Spring 2020 to figure out how to improve these two programs for Fall 2020, we realized that each program had important strengths that the other lacked—like the collaborative nature of the Engagement Project and the greater flexibility and greater variety of student experience questions afforded by Elevate. It made sense to combine them into a single program, especially because that meant that we could focus all of our effort on making sure the new version of Elevate would be as amazing as it possibly could be.

To learn more, visit perts.net/elevate or contact us at copilot@perts.net to set up a time to chat. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you!
The PERTS Team


The Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) is a nonprofit research and development institute that translates insights from psychological science into cutting-edge tools, measures, and recommendations that educators anywhere can use to foster healthy and equitable academic engagement and success.