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Learn how to use Copilot-Elevate during virtual and hybrid instruction.

What is Copilot-Elevate?

Students are more engaged and successful when they experience learning in specific ways—when they experience psychological safety, caring relationships, meaningful content, and personal agency. Copilot-Elevate is a data-driven professional learning program that elevates student voice to help educators equitably create experiences that support academic and social-emotional learning. Read the research.

It’s a great tool. The survey is really asking the right questions and putting data in front of teachers that can be helpful.

— Josh Maisel, district administrator in California

Read our case studies.

Teachers Get Rapid Feedback & Targeted Strategies

Over multiple cycles, teachers get formative feedback from their own students accompanied by web-based learning modules that provide targeted, research-based strategies for improvement. It’s an effective formula.

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1. Elevate Student Voice

A 5-10 minute, customizable survey sheds light on the way students experience each class or teacher.

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2. Review Feedback

Confidential reports show teachers how students’ experiences are promoting or hindering equitable learning.

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3. Learn New Practices

Teachers access a library of practices, and select some to try with their own students.

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4. Track Improvement

Teachers rerun the survey to see how students experience new practices. Repeat Steps 1-4 to keep improving.

We’re finally getting data that is helping us improve our instruction, along with helping the kids understand that we truly do care about them. It's been a great journey.

— Jennifer Maichin, learning specialist and educator in Long Island, NY.

4 Simple Steps for Leaders

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1. Connect & Plan

Set up a 15-minute call so we can help you decide what to prioritize, how often to survey students, etc. Or jump right in by starting a team.


2. Recruit & Excite

We’ll give you flyers and a slide deck to help you get teachers excited. Or we can do a custom demo for your staff.

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3. Monitor & Coach

Dashboards help you track what teachers are doing and whether students’ experiences are becoming more engaging and equitable. Provide coaching if needed.

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4. Celebrate & Reflect

Celebrate your teachers’ professional progress through continuing education units or a (virtual) pat on the back.

Data-driven & Evidence-based

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Copilot-Elevate is grounded in research and developed in partnership with top researchers, including Doctors Carol Dweck (Stanford University), Camille Farrington (University of Chicago), Jason Okonofua (UC Berkeley), Dave Paunesku (Stanford University), and Greg Walton (Stanford University).

Copilot-Elevate qualifies for the ESSA Innovation Tier (4) because it helps you learn and test what actually works for your students. Many of the specific strategies featured in Copilot-Elevate qualify for ESSA Tiers 1–3.

I wanted to get authentic feedback from my students to help better my craft, and to better help them in the learning process.

— Staci Durnin, 6th grade math and science teacher in New York, NY

Read our case studies.

Free or Affordable

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Copilot-Elevate is free thanks to the amazing folks at the Raikes Foundation, Overdeck Foundation, and Gates Foundation.

These paid services are helpful for larger implementations:

  • Personalized implementation planning will help you ensure that your implementation (schedule, measures, team configuration) is aligned with your strategic goals.
  • Batch roster uploads will save teachers the effort of uploading their own student rosters.
  • Custom reporting will help you track progress across large teams of teachers, like whole schools, departments, or grade level teams.
  • A live Copilot demo and Q&A over Zoom.
  • Get help connecting Copilot student survey data to your administrative data so you can see how important student experience is for equitable and excellent attainment in your own school or district.

Eligibility, Accessibility, & Security

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Designed for grades 6-12. Relevant to all subjects.

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Works on any Internet-connected device.

Manageable Time Commitments


School or District Leader Time

2-4 hours over the course of a semester or year, depending on how much support their teachers require.

Teacher Time Commitment

~50 minutes of class time
10 minutes of introduction
3 cycles × 8 minute surveys = 24 minutes
3 cycles × 5 minutes of debrief = 15 minutes

~4 hours of individual learning & reflection
45-minute of online orientaton
3 cycles × 45 minutes of online learning modules
45 minutes of self-reflection & closing

~4 hours of optional collaboration
45 minute team launch meeting
3 × 45 minute optional cycle meeting
45 minute team reflection meeting

I think [my teacher] cares what I think because she is asking us to take this survey about her teaching. If she didn’t care what I had to say, she wouldn't be asking us to do this survey.

— Student Participant

Read our case studies.

Schedule a Consultation

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Schedule a 15-minute office hours chat for personalized support. We’ll answer your questions about Copilot-Elevate and how to implement at your school or district in the fall.

You can also find answers to common questions in our FAQ.

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Our Partners & Funders

Copilot-Elevate was developed through a partnership between PERTS, the National Equity Project, Shift Results, and the University of Chicago Consortium as part of the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) initiative. It's free to teachers because of generous sponsorship from the Raikes Foundation, Overdeck Family Foundation, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Scientific Advisors

Copilot is developed in partnership with leading researchers.

  • Carol Dweck, Professor, Stanford University
  • Camille Farrington, Managing Director, UChicago Consortium for School Research
  • Jason Okonofua, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
  • Dave Paunesku, Executive Director, PERTS, Stanford University
  • Greg Walton, Associate Professor, Stanford University


The Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) is a nonprofit research and development institute that translates insights from psychological science into cutting-edge tools, measures, and recommendations that educators anywhere can use to foster healthy and equitable academic engagement and success.

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